Top 3 android apps providing dating services

Although technology has advanced a lot, but yet money cannot buy love and for that you need a partner. A partner need not be the one to whom you are married and is the one with whom you can share your emotions, feelings as well as happiness and sorrow. Dating is an essential part of the youth life and it is in this age that you can find your soulmate. There are different apps and websites providing partner choices of varying types. While some offer Dating options for youth, some are for casual networking, some focus on couples of same gender while others are focused on elderly. The quality and choice of partner varies and so does the quality of profiles on them.

top 3 android apps providing top notch dating services:

Bumble :

This app is available on Google play for download and has a free as well as paid version of it. The app has the characteristics to shake things up and has an amazing algorithm to find the perfect match for you. But it gives preference to women to initiate the chat process. The lady gets 24 hours to initiate the chat and the male must reciprocate within 24 hours in order to converse with the lady. In case of homosexual preferences any person can initiate the communication. Although many people can find it creepy and biased still the app and its partner matching system works well.

Dating App

Free Dating App & Flirt Chat:

This app has a very good user interface which is completely free to use. This is a modern dating app which has its roots in traditional dating services. It allows you to search and find people that have similar interests like you and it really works. You can join mixers, set up dates, find events and do a lot of similar stuff. There is a free chat system in this app. There is option to look only for friends instead of Dating in this app. It is only meant for singles and for those who love to flirt.

Coffee meets bagel :

This is a completely free app which comes with in app purchases. You can download it from the original play store of Google. It is a popular dating app and after you make your profile on this app, males get a curated list of females according to their preferences in their locality. Women too get a curated list but on top of the list are men who have expressed interest in them. There is a private chat room facility as well.